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What’s the waterproof Mink Lashes ?

What’s the waterproof Mink Lashes ?

Are your Mink Lashes waterproof?


Many ladies need whatproof mink lashes when they take a tourist to the sea shore, swiming pool, heath center and other place
where is mositure and hot, but what mink lashes are waterproof? where to buy waterproof min lashes?
Well, actually, it depends, most of the 3D Mink Lashes can’t get wet, and you can’t swim with lashes.But our mink Lashes can!

NO.10 Best Popular Mink Lashes - March 2020
NO.10 Best Popular Mink Lashes – March 2020

Hello, everyone today I will tell you the secret of why the other lashes can’t get wet when you put them on, and show you the technology your Eyelash Vendors use. will help you set up the right buying concept when you make the next 3D Mink Lashes Bulk order.

First , How to test the difference?

Well,we did a test to test if our Luxury Lashes can stay the best curl when they get wet. Finally , we found, Our Luxury 3D Mink Lashes can swim!
We start with a destructive rubbing of our eyelashes, and then put them into the water,and then we stir it,when the lashes are fully soaked, we remove them and place them on dry paper.
To our surprise, the lashes returned to their original shape when they dried out!
But we for the others Mink Lashes Manufacturer’s regular lashes can’t pass the experiment.

3D Mink lashes Band
3D Mink lashes Band

Second, what cause this difference?

We find two main factors cause this difference, after our analysis of the whole process.
The first one the technology.
In order to save time and money, most Wholesale Lashes Factory would choose the simplest process to make the curl effect and 3D effect sometimes they use chemical liquid to destroy the structure of the mink fur in order to make the curl and 3D effect to make a good effect.

The second one is the production speed.
This mode of production can save much time and produce more Eyelashes.

Third, What’s the advantage to do that?
To reduce cost of the 3D mink lashes
That is very easy to make curl when they use chemical liquid to produce Mink Lashes , and easy to buy cheap chemical liquid.

To save production time
When they use chemical liquid to produce 3d mink lashes , that will shape the lashes with little time ,and they can produce too many lashes in this way.

To produce more 3d mink lashes.
They will produce much more lashes than our physical craft.

To make more money.
They think the more lashes they sold, the more money they will get.

But in fact , that’s a wrong view. And we test the market and find the customer would like to choose the luxury mink lashes instead of the ordinary ones with reasonable price.

Fourth, what will happen if you buy them?
Hurt your eye.
The chemical substances will keep stain on the surface of the mink fur, and when you get wet they will mixed with the water and will create a chemical reaction .
It will be very dangerous if you don’t take your umbrella in the rainy day. Rain water with chemicals in it can get into your eyes and hurt your eye.

You will lose your customer if you still sell this chemical lashes
If dangerous things happens, that will destroy your eyelash business line. And you will lose your customer and your business.

So that would be a serious thing ,and you should test and change your Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Supplier if you find your 3D Mink Lashes Individual are chemical lashes.

Fifth, How to choose Luxury Mink Lashes correctly ?
Usually, most of the Lashes Mink 3D Vendor would choose the price first, and then choose the style and shape,the last thing is quality , and they do not care about the technology ,this is majority of eyelash business purchase thinking way.

3D mink lashes
3D mink lashes

First ,You should change this purchasing mindset In the long run. And pay attention to the craft and raw material.
Because high quality lashes are all made by soul and energy, and the designer pay too much time and energy on the style and 3D Mink Lashes market.

Our design team are very professional in the research and development. Once we push out new style ,many Lashes Factory copy us , but the just copy the outside, they can not copy the perfect shape and soul.

Never said you bought Luxury Mink Lashes until you buy aupres Lashes.

Also if you want to design your own lashes style , we will design for you and produce for you , and you will get your luxury lashes with competitive reasonable price.

From now on, you should change your mind on purchase mink lashes ,you should know the quality is the basic stone of your business line, only you have good quality lashes ,can your customer will follow you .

Second, you should pay attention to your sales and Ads to get more traffic and audience.
A perfect product with your professional marketing strategy will bring you more

Best selling mink lashes review
Best selling mink lashes review
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