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What are 25mm Siberian mink lashes made of?

What are 25mm Siberian mink lashes made of?

Aramis Lashes 25mm siberian mink lashes are handmade of 100% real Siberian Mink hair.

25mm mink lashes DH008
25mm siberian mink lashes DH008

We use the highest quality siberian mink hair, about 1500 USD/kg,which is always cruelty-free and hypo-allergenic.

Each pair of mink lashes have been properly sterilized and sanitized for safe use. The lashes band is made of cotton and use best glue, so our mink lashes is light-weight ,soft and comfortable to wear.

Our 25mm siberian mink strip lashes Can be use more than 25 times,very value for useful.

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