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How to order Mink Lashes from Aramis Lashes?

How to order Mink Lashes from Aramis Lashes?

How do you maintain the quality of lashes with such high demand?

We focus on Top quality mink lashes producing and promoting, we use the besttttt mink tail furs, best lash glue To control our best quality mink lashes

All our Siberian mink eyelashes are made by experienced and skillful workers, hand made, this ensure the best quality.

We also have a quality examination system, every batch mink lashes will take few pairs to check it, these action guaranteed the top quality!

handmade mink lashes
handmade mink lashes

What is the turn around time for processing and shipping?

We have strong service and logistic department, if only mink Lashes Order, 1 day can ship out your order after fully payment

If you order custom logo boxes with mink lashes together, we need 4-7 days producing lash boxes, then ship out.

Ductom logo boxes with mink lashes
Ductom logo boxes with mink lashes

How is the mink hair collected?

Mink hairs are collected by Combing hair from the healthy living minks, that is why our mink lashes are full of Soft and tough, full of vitality and shine,

absolutely cruelty free

Do you accept PayPal ?

Yes, we usually create paypal invoice to our customers, that is a fully contract between us, it can protect both of us and customers

Where is your factory located? Do you have a minimum order quality ?

We are China based wholesale lash vendors, our mink lashes minimum order quantity is 10 pairs, custom logo/private label boxes minimum order quantity is 30 pieces.


Would you consider your company a smaller business?

We are a medium-sized wholesaler of mink eyelashes, a supplier of custom packaging boxes, an innovative service company, and our eyelashes and packaging

have always led the way.

3D mink lashes
3D mink lashes

How much is for samples packs?

From 65$ to 80$ for the minimum order quantity of mink lashes, Free shipping price! All mink lases samples costs can be return to you on the following orders.

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