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Rainbow eyelashes +abundant color eye shadow, abundant eye makeup to enhance the artistic temperament Let exaggeration go on! Seven colorful fake mink eyelashes seem to knock over the eyes on the dye vat, there is no messy, but there are abstract casual beauty. In this unruly era, why not show your personality, choose your favorite color, create a different one. Not a high-profile large color blocks, but eyelashes on the touch will finish touch. 1.Eye shadow also colorful. Since color in the end, orange and purple hit color and false mink eyelashes can be cleverly integrated. Many people will draw a light color and draw a dark background. If purple is superimposed on orange it becomes dirty gray. The correct method is: first purple eyelid after 1/2 eyelid, orange and then filled in front of the blank space. 2.Eyeliner primer. Do not think you can not see the eyeliner. With a black smoky eyeliner to fill their own eyelash gap, even if the false mink eyelashes, it will make the eyes more God. 3.Orange blush. With the color of eye shadow, choose orange blush cheeks. Do not be too heavy color, play a role in repair capacity on it. 4.Sticky color false mink eyelashes tips. The last step is the point, if the color false mink eyelashes too sticky, eyes open and parallel to the ground, it is difficult to see its color. Close your eyes and find the angle of 45 degrees up from the horizontal line of false mink eyelashes, must be completely fixed and then let go, after the eyes open color lines can be clearly presented.

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