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Grafting Eyelashes Fall How To Do And How To Keep Grafting

A lot of beauty in order to pursue fashion go grafting eyelashes, but will soon find out the eyelashes will fall, let’s take a look at the 3D mink eyelashes can fall out? Grafting eyelashes lost how to maintain?








Can the eyelashes fall out?

Grafting eyelashes, the false eyelashes fall, then the real native eyelashes will continue to grow, but the new eyelashes will grow into the eyelashes have been submerged into, usually not easy to be observed by us. This is because the eyelashes, like all the hairs, have their life cycle divided into growing and resting periods. So the hair will always fall off, then grow new. As long as the hair roots are not damaged when grafting the eyelashes, they will continue to grow new hairs.









Grafting eyelashes lost how to maintain

Eyelashes beautiful eyelashes growth using sister paper If you think after the eyelashes fell out, the eyelashes is not very long, then you can use low irritation of the eyelashes growth solution to promote eyelash growth, because the eyelash growth fluid which contains enzymes “EPM” is part of the formation of human tissue proteins, can create hair cells and the formation of tissue, while activating the dormant secondary hair follicle germ tissue, so that in the resting hair follicle cells restored to the developmental stage of the value-added to promote the rapid growth of eyelashes .

After bathing every night, apply lashes growth liquid on the roots of eyelashes, there is a good use of the effect, you want to be better use 2 times a day.






Makeup long eyelashes

The first step eyelashes clip: the eyes look down, with “Chinese and foreign” three-step method of gradually eyelashes folder.

The second step eyelashes primer: you want mascara lasting makeup, really need to primer.

The third step mascara: Brush eyelashes must be Z-shaped approach from the bottom brush eyelashes until each eyelash evenly stained cream. This will ensure that the eyelashes firm and natural.








Make-up method to extend the eyelashes need to pay attention

However, the use of make-up method to extend the eyelashes, the beauties need to pay attention to continue to destroy the eyelashes, mascara mascara, eyelashes, false eyelashes, improper use of the eyelashes will make the fault, there are eyelash curler not changed for more than six months, Long-term will make lashes look longer. Make remover on the eye, pay attention to fake eyelashes false eyelash removal products, waterproof mascara also waterproof special makeup remover and so on, the focus is to gently use these products to remove eye makeup.






Why grafting eyelashes took a long time

Some beauty after finishing grafting eyelashes and found that their eyelashes no longer grow, it is because grafting eyelashes cause severe inflammation of the eyes, most of the fragile eye follicles have been permanently necrotic, so the eyelashes will no longer grow out It’s Therefore, it is best for the beauty lovers to find the reliable and experienced eyelash therapist in a formal institution to graft the eyelashes so as to avoid the eye inflammation after grafting the eyelashes.

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