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How To Clean The False Eyelashes

Simple 5 step home cleaning false eyelashes

Many girls love make-up have questions, in the end the false eyelashes can be re-used it, how to re-use it again, how to clean it, let me let you for you one by one, simple tools and steps that will allow you to False eyelashes as new, you have to learn.

How to Reuse False Eyelashes Teach you to clean the false eyelashes at home

5 steps at home cleaning false eyelashes method

The new false eyelashes once lost like a waste of too much, but if repeated use, the above thick glue seems to really affect the makeup feel, so today I teach you a quick and easy way to clean the false eyelashes, love makeup you Absolutely can not miss it.








STEP1: cleaning false eyelashes roots

First swab with water and oil separation eyes soaked unloading, to be very wet soaked Oh, and then gently wipe the roots of false eyelashes.








STEP2: clean up residual eye shadow eyeliner

In order to clean up eye shadow and residual eye liner and eye gel glue, moisturizing cotton pads with cleansing water pressed on the eyes, about 30 seconds to remove it very clean, this time to remove the eyelashes, the roots are glue.








STEP3: cotton pad soaked makeup remover

The clean cotton pad folded into two rectangular, pay attention to a piece of a slightly wider width, and then cut open, then the cotton pad soaked eye makeup remover.








STEP4: makeup remover infiltrated false eyelashes roots

False eyelashes into the wide half of the piece, of course, to stay outside slightly in the hair, not the whole piece of false eyelashes all covered into, remember, otherwise it may be deformed; then covered with a narrow piece, gently pressure with your fingers Real root, so that the liquid infiltration roots as much as possible.








STEP5: curved cotton pad

Curved cotton pad, so that two cotton pad pressed firmly, put it on the next day you will see two black mark, which shows the top of the glue has come off


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